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Issue 4 is a real mix mag again. On the fly side of the house, Trevor Tanner gets technical, Ty Goodwin gets afloat with some kayak tips, and Dan Frasier gets out to the Columbia for some apex athletes! 

Meanwhile, in the bait world, we reveal the latest paylake pro-team that is ripping things up through the Carolinas! Austin Anderson reviews American Carp Gear's Killa Corn, launches a pack attack, and catches a case of Mirror Madness. Tomas Kutschy and Josh Snow take us back to basics with quick tips and rig clinics. And European Correspondent, Adam Clewer, goes in depth on the benefits of fishing close.

Oh, and some moaning git talks about the US carp scene, as observed from the floor of the 2013 iCAST trade show.

Issue 3 again shifts focus back to the world of flyfishing for carp, but again we're mixing it up again with some stories from the world of bait and paylakes and a general feature about Texas Parks and Wildlife.

On the fly side of the house, we have Jim MrP Pankiewicz talking about getting close, sometimes too close, to carp. John Montana gives us a review on the new Helios H2, and Mark Erdosy follows up with part 2 of his instructional Carping the Column feature. David Wratchford talks lo-visibility fly-carping, Capt Paul Rose dishes on self-training for the ultimate carp challenge, Dan Frasier talks to Conway Bowman, and our pro-staffers tell us what their go-to reel of choice is, and why. There are even some contemplative pieces from Zacj Jansen and Ben Muraski, and carpy poetry from Justin Watkins.

From the paylake world, we have another column from prostaffer Chris Carden, explaining how to wring cash from corner pegs, prostaffer Miguel Ruiz explains his strategy for pulling some gold lumps from pristine Californian lakes, and we take a look at the Lake Fork tournament that saw Team CarpPro walk away with the big money! And if that's not enough, Obsessive Carp Disorder gives us an account of his trip stateside and we finish with a look at Texas Parks and Wildlife's waterbody management.



Issue 2 is a mixed mag, comprising features from the worlds of wildwater, fly and the paylakes.

From the world of Paylaking, there's a photo-essay from Lake Blalock and the 2012 Carolina Cup, the latest dates from CarpReport for the 2013 tournament season, and features from Chris Carden and Scott Hagans, while Keith Cisney talks about the rebirth of Pineyside!

From Fly, there's the great fly swap organized by pro-staffer Trevor "McTage" Tanner, and a run down of all the flies and their creators. There's also a feature on mulberry flies from Texas' fly-casting coach and owner of, Austin Orr, and a feature from Will Rice Evolution of the Blue Monkey.

Wildwater anglers won't be disappointed, with rigs from prostaffers Tomas Kutchy and Josh Snow, an Interview with TV star, SomeBigFish carp and buffalo guide, and prostaffer, Richard Somerville, and features on fishing on a budget from David Narita and rolling your own baits from Michael Patterson. And if that's not enough, we delve into the creative mind of Johnathan Marquardt as he takes us through the process of creating limited edition linocuts!


Issue 1, marked the launch of the re-branded, refreshed CarpPro magazine, reflecting the expanded focus of CarpPro as an organization. The Fly Special captured the spirit of the surge of flyfishing for carp in North America, and has quickly become a huge success!

Articles by Barry Reynolds, Kirk Deeter, Tuck Scott and Pete Hodgmman explore the appeal of the sport, while CarpPro's fly-fishing editor and teammanager, Dan Frasier, puts down the 7wt and picks up the pen to introduce this very special edition. But it's not all fluff; we have technical features from Mark Erdosy and Adam Hope, Tim Creasy and Jay Zimmerman, John Montana, JP Lipton, the inimitable MrP, Christopher Vargo, Ty Goodwin, and CarpPro's Instagram magician, Nolan Majcher.

And, we have a special feature from Trevor "McTage" Tanner that asks, "Who Gets It" in the industry, and features interviews with Orvis, Trout's, UMPQUA, and CATCH Flyfishing. You may be surprised at the conclusions!